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Stars of the Bible Vol 2.  Landon Interviews Jonah

From doing his best to flee from God's orders to an unusual trip to a preach a powerful message to a city that must turn from it's wicked ways, Stars of the Bible Vol. 2 tells the powerful story of Jonah and his quest to save a nation from loosing God's favor


The Super Twins Coloring Book:

The two new super heroes that your kids have been waiting for! Jazz and Jason make up the duo we call the Super Twins. The Super Twins coloring book is fun non-screen time activity that will help stimulate your child's creativity ability and will enhance the super hero in them as well.

Our Super Twins coloring book is the first addition for kids ages 4-10 years old. From flying across town to lifting buildings, the Super Twins coloring book shows that strength, speed, and power are all attributes that can be good if used the correct way.

When God Blessed Us With You: 

As young Sampson Prepares for bed, he asks his parents for a bedtime story. After searching for a book to read, Sampson's father realizes that he and Sampson's mother have read all the books in Sampson's room. In fear that he might not get the bedtime story that he desires, Sampson becomes sad. Only to have his parents save the night by telling him the story of how Sampson became their forever son through adoption.

The Yearbook:

Landon seems to have it all together. He's smart, funny, and an excellent basketball player with a heart the size of Texas. The only time he ever really feels off his game is when he crosses paths with a certain girl...Brittany Baker. As the school year comes to an end, he finally faces his fears by telling Brittany how he feels about her. As he gains ground with Brittany, he makes an unrealized mistake that might cost him the girl that he has worked so hard to win over.  

Stars of the Bible: Landon Interview Joseph:

From being sold into slavery by his brothers to receiving promotion by Pharaoh as the leader of Egypt, Stars of the Bible tells the story of Joseph. Who through his obedience and guidance from God becomes one of the most prominent figures in biblical history. Stars of the Bible is an easy to read book for children with vibrant artwork and activities that young children and parents both will enjoy. 

Gary's Prayer: 

Did you know that children that have a habit of praying tend to have more confidence? Neither did I until my oldest son asked my wife and I to tech him how to pray. Gary's Prayer is geared towards 3-12 years olds, amuses children and adults alike with catchy prayers and art work that is easy to memorize. 

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